Issues Fixed in Vista Field Service 2021 R12

The following issues were fixed in the Vista Field Service R12 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Using an extremely large custom company logo on the Login page interfered with the operation of the Sign In button. 106384
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.11+.
Improved performance and speed of Refresh Synonyms. 106402 and 106403
Improved handling of lookup parameters that were entered with single quotes around them in Vista. 106225
The home page was showing a display message for last login date for users logging in to the portal for the first time. 106669
Logging out after logging in with Viewpoint ID redirected users to a blank page instead of the Login page. 106670
When logging in with Viewpoint ID, links from Vista 2021 R2 were dropping the trailing HTML/URL path.

Close a Trip

Issues Fixed Issue #
The trip summary PDF attached in Vista was not showing scope details if the portal setting Mark the scope complete when a trip is marked completed was enabled. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Work Complete. 106668

Work Order Dashboard / Work Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Selecting a trip or selecting an employee on a timecard resulted in an infinite spinner. 106370
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.11+.
Trip notes could not be edited or saved in offline mode. 106667
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.11+.
Attempting to add a purchase order to a work order for a closed month generated a Save Fail error, without any details. This error message now says: Could not find month to use for PO batch. 106477
SM trip notes and scope notes did not reflect the SM Notes Setting, and if a date stamp was applied to one type of note in this setting, it was applied to all notes. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > General Configuration.
On iOS devices using the Progressive Web App, images attached to work orders could not be opened in Safari.
Billable hours entry was allowed when the price method was Agreement.