About VRL Cloud

Vista Remote Link (VRL) Cloud is a deployment option available for accessing the Vista application in Viewpoint's cloud, by allowing a locally installed Vista rich client application to communicate over the Internet to Vista using HTTPS.

If your organization chooses a VRL Cloud deployment, Viewpoint hosts your Vista application and database servers in Microsoft Azure data centers, instead of you maintaining these servers on premises. Users access Vista using HTTPS over the internet to Viewpoint's cloud.

For a video guided tour through some of the differences between using a local Vista client to using a cloud connection for Vista, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the video in the Viewpoint Academy.
  2. Click Enroll.
  3. Sign in using your Viewpoint Academy credentials.

Simpler User Experience

VRL access results in a simplified day-to-day user experience compared to other Vista cloud-hosting options.

If you are currently using Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC, also referred to as RDP Published Apps), go here to see an infographic of the comparative improvements in VRL Cloud.

File-sharing Security

The file sharing that occurs in must necessarily be made more secure since it is occurring over the internet. offers a way to restrict the types of files that can be uploaded within your network. See About the File Extension White List Form.

Network File Storage Requirements

Because Viewpoint hosts your database and application servers with a deployment, file management and storage methods are different than when your users have immediate access to your company servers (such as with a LAN deployment). Specifically, any process that retrieves files from the database server is affected.

To accommodate the differences in how files are retrieved by Vista, the following Vista forms appear and function slightly differently with a VRL Cloud deployment:

VPN Connection is included with VRL Cloud

As a standard part of VRL Cloud, Viewpoint provides a VPN connection from your office so that third-party applications which are not hosted by Viewpoint within the environment can access your Vista server in our Cloud.

The Vista client connects without a VPN.

For further details, see About VPN Use for VRL Cloud Users.

VRL Cloud Admin Portal

System administrators must access and use a control panel (portal) to create and manage a record for each Vista user. See About the VRL Cloud Admin Portal.

Internet Performance Requirements

Successful VRL Cloud operations are dependent upon your organization's network performance. While your sales representative can walk you through a more comprehensive evaluation, these performance standards are provided for your convenience.

Free web services are available to you that provide internet access performance metrics. Compare your test results from your location (where Vista will be used, not from an off-site location or from a hotspot) to the benchmarks below.
  • Test bandwidth using www.speedtest.net.
  • Test packet loss and latency using www.azurespeed.com.
  • If you are a U.S.-based company, check all U.S. and Canadian regions.
  • If you are an Australia-based company, check only Australian regions.
    Note: We currently have data centers in multiple locations, but not all Azure locations in each region. Your data is situated as close to your place of business as geographically possible.
Table 1. Performance Metrics Guide
Packet Loss<0.5%0.5-1.5%>1.5%
Latency<30 ms31-60 ms>60 ms
BandwidthDownload>10 Mbps7.5-10 Mbps<7.5 Mbps
Upload>1.5 Mbps1.0-1.5 Mbps<1.0 Mbps