WF Process Copy

Use the WF Process Copy form to create a copy of an existing workflow process.

Access this form from the WF Workflow Process form by selecting Tasks > Copy.

You will typically use this feature when you need to create a new approval/review process and a similar one already exists. Copying an existing process and modifying the copy can save time and reduce data entry.

When you initiate the copy process, the system copies the information on the Info and Notes tab of the WF Workflow Process form to the new process. If you selected the Approval Steps check box, the system will also copy the approval steps and notes. The only information not copied are the assigned companies, as these must be unique across all workflow processes.

Once you complete a copy, you can then edit the new process as needed and set up module/company/document type assignments.

Note: The system does not restrict copying processes of differing document types. In other words, you can copy a process with PO document type to a new process with a blank or Subcontract document type.