Create an Invitation to Bid Request

Create an invitation to bid request when you want to send a request for a quote for materials or subcontractors needed to perform a job.

If needed, you can select internal users who should review the invitation to bid for a vendor. Reviewers should use the steps outlined in the Review and Approve Invitations to Bid topic to review an invitation to bid. Once you have created the invitation to bid request, you can create a PDF file from an invitation to bid form that you can view, print, or send in an e-mail.
  1. Optional: If you haven't already done so, set up the vendor(s) for use in the Estimating module.
  2. On the Manage Estimates screen, create an estimate for the work and set up the invitation to bid job properties.
  3. Add cost items to the estimate.
  4. Set the appropriate WBS code values on the cost items for which you will create invitations to bid.
  5. Create invitations to bid for the estimate.
  6. Optional: Select the users and/or the document routing distribution group to review each vendor invitation to bid.
  7. Optional: If needed, contact the reviewers to advise them to review the invitation to bid.
  8. Optional: Periodically view the status of the document routing for the invitation to bid to monitor the review process.
  9. Optional: Once the invitation to bid is approved, print and deliver or e-mail the invitations to bid to vendors.
After you create an invitation to bid request, you may want to: