Getting Started in ProContractor Cloud

If your organization uses a ProContractor Cloud (PCC) deployment, there are a few things you must do to get started. If you are unsure whether your organization uses a PCC deployment, contact your Cloud administrator.

Get started in ProContractor Cloud by doing the following:

  1. Set up the Microsoft AVD Desktop Client.
  2. Log into ProContractor within the ProContractor Cloud environment.
  3. If you need to print from ProContractor using your local printers, see Optimize Workstation Printing for ProContractor Cloud.
  4. Open your PCC file explorer and orient yourself with the accessible file locations. Saving to or from ProContractor requires use of your PCC file explorer.
  5. Review details about drag-and-drop functionality. Drag and drop works within your PCC environment between ProContractor and the other cloud-hosted applications, but not directly between your cloud-hosted ProContractor application and applications on your workstation.
  6. Review how Microsoft application plug-ins work in ProContractor Cloud.
If questions arise once you are working in the PCC environment, see User Troubleshooting Guide for ProContractor Cloud.