What's New in ProContractor 4.3.0

ProContractor 4.3.0 brings multiple suggestion box enhancements, new online Help, updates to security, and bug fixes.

Welcome to the New Help

Just as we did with the prior online Help system, with each release, we'll outline the new features and provide any new information you need to know to successfully use your ProContractor application.

A few things you should know about the new Help:

  • Installation Guides and Other PDFs
    All the information contained in Installation Guides and other PDF guides is now available and up-to-date here, in the Viewpoint Help, rather than provided as downloadable PDFs at the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
    Note: If you require a printed version of any Help page, you can generate a PDF or print a single Help page or an entire section of the Help at any time.
  • Reports Book
    Help pages for ProContractor Reports are now sorted alongside related topics. For example:
    • the Help page for the Vendor Invoices by Project report is among the Help for the Vendor Module.
    • The Profit Center Billing report Help page is within the Customer Module Help.

    Whether for a report or any other Help page or topic, use the Search Product Help field in the upper right corner to find the information you want.

For more information, see ProContractor's New Single-Version Help.

Autocreate Invoices for Garnishments

You can now automatically create vendor invoices when updating payroll for things like garnishment payments. This greatly streamlines the process of preparing checks at the end of the payroll cycle.

You can also view the vendor invoices created from payroll activity. This view includes the company, vendor, invoice number, employee name, as well as check, deduction, and fringe information - and you can export all of it.

For more information, see View Payroll-related Vendor Invoices.

Reverse a Posted Journal Entry

If you notice an error in the debit or credit amount fields after you’ve posted your journal entry, you can now reverse the posting without having to re-enter any of the data.

The new Create Reverse Journal Entry screen shows you the information you entered and displays the changes that the reversal is about to make to the debit and credit amounts. Later, when you run the report, the selected posting batch details are displayed in the new Journal History Report. ProContractor tracks the change in the journal sequence after the change is posted.

For more information, see Reverse a Journal Entry.

Invoice Number Corrections

Using the new Change Invoice Number screen, you can now change the number of a posted invoice without voiding and reentering the entire invoice.

ProContractor still validates your newly entered invoice number to prevent entering a duplicate invoice number.

For instructions, see Change an Invoice Number.

Vendor Lookup

To help avoid creating duplicate vendor records, the Create Vendor screen now automatically searches all vendor records as you type in the Vendor field. You can use it to perform quick searches to confirm whether the vendor you're about to create already exists.

Easier-to-find Certified Payroll Information

With this release, even more certified payroll information is viewable in the View Project Setup screen. A new Certified Payroll checkbox and a new Certified Payroll Start Date field now appear in the Payroll tab, alongside the certificate and policy number fields.

New Blank Line in Timecard Entry

In addition to the current ability to add a duplicate line when entering timecards, you now have the option to add a blank line.

You can now fill in the details relevant to the project, without first having to clear pre-filled values from a duplicated line.