What's New in ProContractor 4.3.1

ProContractor 4.3.1 is the 2023 year-end version which brings updates required for 2023 year-end processing. It also provides updated tax rates and other new requirements for payrolls whose dates fall in 2024.

Year-End Processing

ProContractor 4.3.1 contains the necessary regulatory updates and is required for 2023 year-end processing in the United States and Canada.
  • United States - Forms W-2, 1094-C and 1095-C, and 1099 are updated to 2023. See the Year-End Checklist (U.S.).
    Note: Aatrix may be required
    ProContractor captures data for but does not print these 1099 forms:
    • 1099-NEC
    • 1099-MISC
    If you need to print and/or process these forms, Aatrix is required.
  • Canada - No changes were required. See the Year-End Checklist (Canada).

For a page of resources, visit Year-End ProContractor 2023.

Tax Table Updates for 2024

Like all prior year-end releases, this update does not affect the tax tables within ProContractor. You must update the tax table manually for Federal and for each state which is relevant to your organization and the new information will take effect on the date you choose.

For your convenience, tax table information for each state is available at the Viewpoint Customer Portal.

Viewpoint updates this information for each state as each tax authority releases it. For the tax tables which are relevant to you, consider subscribing on the Viewpoint Customer Portal so that you receive notifications when the information changes.

Support for Multiple Local Taxes per employee

In some cases, you may need to apply more than one local tax to an employee's wages. This release supports this requirement.

Your ProContractor application has been modified in these ways:
  • The Additional Tax Factors (Canada) grid has been moved from the Taxes tab to the Others tab of the Employee screen.
  • A new grid takes it place of the Local section (U.S.).
As part of the update, any field values you currently have in the Local section (U.S) will be automatically placed in their respective columns in the new grid. These include:
  • Local Tax Authority
  • Status
  • Local Income Tax Additional Amount

Option to exempt Overtime Wages from State Taxes

You can now set up your weekly overtime wages to be exempt from state taxes based on location by selecting the new Exempt State Income Tax Overtime Weekly checkbox in the Work Locations screen.

Support for new Adoption Allowances

Starting with this release, you can enter the number of adoption allowances reported by residents of Indiana (U.S.), and ProContractor will consider the value when calculating payroll. The new field is Adoption Allowances in the Taxes tab of the Employee screen.

New Tax Basis Option

The Tax Basis drop-down in the Income Tax Table screen's General tab has a new State Taxable Wages option. If there is a Tax Table you want to base on the state income wages, select this option.

New Report Filter

You can now filter the Payroll Hours and Earnings History report by work location. Select one or more locations to see the hours and earnings for just the selected location(s).

Bug Fixes

This release provides fixes to customer-reported issues. To see the list:
  1. Log in to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  2. Make your selections in the product and module filter options.
  3. In the Fixed in Version field, enter the current release version.
  4. Select Apply Filters.