Invoice Approval - Field Descriptions: Header

Use this table for reference when completing the fields in the header.

Update Now
Note: This button displays only when the reviewer has invoices currently marked as Approved, Confirmed, or Rejected.
Select to process items that are marked Approve/confirmand send them to the next reviewer, or Reject and send it back to the Originator. Items that are being confirmed open the Invoice Routing Update window where you can set details before continuing with the update.
SwitchSelect to clear the current entry and enter a new company. If any invoices currently in the grid are selected for approval or rejection, a dialog prompts for how you want to proceed.
ReviewerThe reviewer's code defaults and all invoices currently routing to this invoice display. If changes to the reviewer's security level are needed, use the Accounts Payable Installation screen or the Operator Maintenance screen.
Note: You must have the appropriate security access in order to use this feature.
Select to apply Approve status checkmarks to the selected rows in the grid.

If you want to approve all items on all rows (except for those set to Rejected or that have a blank phase/cost type), first select the checkbox in the upper left of the tree grid.

  • On invoices where you are the Confirmer, the status changes to Confirmed
  • On invoices where you are not the Confirmer, the status changes to Approved.
RejectSelect to open the New Invoice Routing Note dialog. Enter a note and set all selected invoices to Rejected in order to deny payment. For clarity, the number of rejected invoices appears in parenthesis on title of window.
  • If you clear a checkbox and you are NOT the Confirmer, the status is set to Unapproved.
  • If you clear a checkbox and you are the Confirmer, the status is set to Ready for confirmation.
Reject to OriginatorReject the selected invoice and send it back to the Originator with a status of Unapproved.
Add NoteAdd a routing note to the selected invoice(s); a notebook icon displays in the Notes column.
ClearSet all selected records back to their original status (either unapproved or ready to confirm).
RefreshSelect to refresh the screen to reveal any new changes.