Upload Invoices

Upload your invoices to Automatic Invoicing in PDF format.

When you upload an invoice, it is added to a batch, which you can name and associate to a company. You can add several invoices to a batch at a time.

Automatic Invoicing supports only the PDF file type for invoices.


If you start this procedure, and need to exit before finishing, you can save your progress and return to this page at any time. To do so, select Save and Resume Later. The saved batch will be visible on the Invoices page, where you can select Continue to re-open and complete it at another time.

  1. From the Accounts Payable home page in Trimble Construction One, select Add Batch.
    Alternatively, if you have set up your Inbox to receive invoice attachments, you can add an invoice to a batch directly from your Inbox. For instructions, see Upload an Invoice from the Inbox
  2. From the Upload page, select Add Attachment, and then navigate to and select the PDF(s) you want to upload.

    Alternatively, you can drag and drop multiple PDFs to the Attachments section of the page.

    The uploaded invoices appear under the Attachments heading. Duplicate files are indicated with a warning icon. Before continuing, delete any duplicates by selecting the corresponding trash icon.

  3. In the Invoice Batch field, enter a name for this batch of invoices.
  4. In the Company field, select the company that applies for this batch of invoices.
  5. Once you have added all the invoices for this batch, select Next.
Continue to the Prepare step to prepare the invoices.