Issue a Vehicle Allowance

Vehicle allowances may require set up steps prior to beginning the payroll cycle.

Before you can issue a vehicle allowance to an employee, the relevant add-on/deduction code must exist in Add-on/Deduction Code Maintenance, and this code's disbursement frequency must match the employee's pay frequency. If a new code needs to be added to meet these requirements, you must add the code during a time the Payroll cycle is not in process.
Important: If you want to issue a vehicle expense reimbursement, which has no tax implications for the employee, do not take the steps below. Instead, designate a vehicle expense reimbursement add-on code during Pre-Time Card Entry.
Note: Use of a vehicle allowance requires making sure month-to-date amounts are cleared in a timely manner in the Clear MTD, QTD, YTD Amounts screen, which is available on the Payroll > Period End menu.
  1. On the Site Map screen, click Payroll > Maintenance > Employee > Deduction/Add-on.
  2. In the Employee code field, enter the employee code and press Enter. If needed, press F4 to search.
  3. In the Add-on/ded code field, enter the vehicle allowance add-on code which has a disbursement frequency matching the employee's pay frequency. If needed, press F4 to search among existing codes in the Payroll Deductions window.
  4. In the Status field, use the drop-down list to select a status for the allowance:
    • Recurring - the add-on will appear as a regular occurrence in each new pay cycle.
    • One time - the add-on is included in the next pay cycle only.
  5. In the % / amount field, enter the fixed vehicle allowance amount in dollars.
  6. In the Limit field, enter the Annual and Monthly limits for the allowance.
  7. Press OK repeatedly to return to the main menu.
The reimbursement amount is automatically applied to the employee during Check Calculation.