Shared Limit Setup

You can pair Deductions and Add-ons so that they have a combined limit.

Access this window using the Shared Limits button in the Deductions / Add-on Code Maintenance screen.

  • Use of this window relies on deduction and add-on codes which are already set up.
  • Deduction codes can be paired only with other deduction codes.
  • Add-on codes can be paired only with other add-on codes.
  • Each deduction or add-on code can be shared only once.
Note: Limits set up here appear as view-only values in the Annual Limit field for the given deduction or add-on. See the Limits tab of the Edit Deduction/Add-on Code screen.




Use the buttons accordingly to manage the records in the grid.

When you enter a new code, the system uses your entries to create a second code containing the paired code and same limit.

When you delete a code, the system automatically deletes its shared code.



Choose a deduction or add-on. Its given description appears in the next column.

Shared code


Choose the deduction or add-on which should share a combined limit. Its given description appears.
Shared LimitEnter the combined limit amount which should be shared by both codes.