What's New in Traqspera 2024 R2

The 2024 R2 release of Traqspera introduces the ability to delete pay periods that do not contain timesheets. This release is available as of 3/6/24.

New Features


You can now delete pay periods that do not contain any timesheets.

Update Company Logo & login background images

Added new settings that allow you to change the logo and background image that display on your login page, and the logo used on your daily reports and LEM reports.

  • Uploaded images must be in .png format.

  • Images will be resized for optimal display.


Job Sync Enhancements

Enhanced Spectrum job sync now defaults to importing phase codes that are mapped to a time entry type under Cost Type / Phase Type Setup. As part of this change, your system administrator should perform the following steps before your next job sync:
  1. Set the Use Phase Code / Cost Type White List setting to No.

    (Settings > Application Settings > Import Configuration)

  2. On the Spectrum Cost Type / Phase Type Setup page, toggle any active (green) cost type / phase type combinations off and then on again.

    (Settings > Spectrum Settings > Cost Type / Phase Type Setup)

In addition, we recommend that you enable the setting Spectrum Add New Phase Codes to All Cost types. This allows new phase codes or cost types added during the jobs sync to be associated with each other in the system automatically.

Important: The Phase Code Cost Type White List Setup page list is now obsolete and should no longer be used.

As part of the job sync improvements, the following changes were made to optimize performance:

  • On the web, timesheets now load only those phase codes that were opened on or before the selected date, or phase codes with phase code types that were opened or closed on the selected date.

  • On the mobile application, timesheets now load only phase codes / sub job types that were opened as of the beginning of the time period.


Updated the Support contact information that displays at the bottom of all pages for the new Trimble Viewpoint Support process.


Added a new Safety Reports navigation to the main navigation page, allowing field users to access safety reports directly from the mobile application.


  • New global search field in the side panel allows you to search for any setting or permission in the system (minimum of three characters required to search).

  • New Open All Sections / Close All Sections option added to settings and permissions pages with multiple subsections.

  • New Add All / Remove All option added to subsections.

  • The dispatch status code C is now included by default in the Work Order Closure Mapping.


You can now require second-level timesheet approval by enabling the new setting: Approval Mode: 2 Level Approval - Strict. When this setting is enabled, time entries must receive second-level approval before they can show with a status of Approved or be exported to Spectrum.

Timesheet Summary

Improved filtering so that users with multiple roles have full access to their approvals.

Changed the Shift Exceptions filter (for Kiosk users) to Filter by Exceptions (available to all users).