Download and Distribute Checklists

How to download and distribute checklists.

  1. Select Field Tools > Checklists.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the checklist you want to use. Select Distribute Checklists.
  3. The Distribute Checklists pop-up displays.
    • Enter the email address you would like to send the checklist to, and select + to add the recipient.
    • Select Add Attachment to add another attachment.
    • You must enter a value in the subject line and message body before you can send the checklist.
    • Select Send to send the checklist.
    Note: For email addresses to pull in Distributing checklists, the LDAP settings must be filled in Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login. Once the LDAP Domain and Path are filled in, select Admin > Portal Settings. From the Administrative Actions drop-down list, choose Refresh Global Email List.
  4. To Download the Checklists, select the boxes of the checklists you would like to download and select Download.