Data Security Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Data Security page.

For help assigning data type permissions, see Assign Data Security Permissions.

Field Description
Data Type Defines the permission you are assigning:
  • Mobile - Job: allows you to assign mobile users to a specific Job. For more details, see Configuring Mobile Data Security.
  • Mobile - Equipment Category: allows you to assign mobile users to specific Equipment Categories. For more details, see Configuring Mobile Data Security.
  • Mobile & Web - Crews: allows you to assign permission to specific crews. For more detail on how to configure crew see Crew Configuration.
Company, Category, and PRGroup filters These dropdown fields display based on the Data Type that you selected. If you selected:
  • Mobile - Job: Company & Category dropdowns display.
  • Mobile - Equipment Category: Company dropdown displays.
  • Mobile & Web - Crews: Company and PR Group dropdown displays.
Checkboxes Select one or more items to make assignments to, and then choose your action: Clear Assignments, Add Groups, or Add Employees.
Clear Assignments button Allows you to clear all assignments selected in the grid. A warning pops up before your assignments are cleared, asking you to confirm your selection. Select Clear to clear assignments or Cancel to return to the Data Security page without clearing assignments.
Add Groups button If you have created Employee Groups, you can assign them by making your selections in the grid and then selecting Add Group(s). In the pop-up window, choose your Employee Group, and select Add.
Add Employees button Allows you to add an individual employee.
Edit button Allows you to edit your assignments on a specific Job, Equipment Category, or Crew. On the edit page, you can add individual and group assignments, remove specific assignments, or clear all assignments.