Copy or Move a Form

From your mobile device, you can create a copy of an existing form instance rather than completing a form from scratch, or move a form from its existing location to another.

This can help save time and improve accuracy.
  1. From the Plan View, tap the form you want to copy or move.
    Alternately, from the Location view, tap the location that includes the form, and then tap the form you want to copy or move.
  2. In the Android Plan View:
    1. Tap Actions.
    2. Tap Copy Form, or tap Cut Form.
    3. Tap the form in the clipboard to select it. This creates a new POI marker.
    4. Tap the desired location and then tap Create Form or Move Form.
      In the Location view, tap the desired location, and then tap the copied form in the clipboard to open it.
  3. In the iOS Plan View
    1. Tap Copy at the top, or tap Move by the Location field.
    2. Tap the desired location.
    3. To copy the form, tap the Action Panel and open the clipboard, then tap the task. To move the form, drag the marker into the correct position and tap Move Form.
  4. Note that the new form has a unique reference number, and the status of the new form is set to the first status in the workflow. Modify the fields as needed.
Note that the following fields and items are not copied over to the new form:
  • All date and time fields. This includes answers in the Date, Date & Time, Form Expiry, and Time question types.
  • GPS
  • Signature
  • Sketch
  • Photo Question
  • Comments
  • Associated tasks
  • Documents
  • Logical questions and predefined answers with actions associated with the answers
  • Data from secure groups