Change How Users Log In to the Portal

By default, users log in to the portal with their employee number and a password that they create. To select a different login method, use the Login Mode portal setting.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login.
  2. Select Windows Authentication Login.
  3. Locate the Log in mode setting and select an option:
    • 1 = Vista Employee # Only

      Default setting that allows users to log in with their Vista Employee number and the password that they created during enrollment. See Register for the Portal for details.

    • 2 = Windows / Active Directory Only
      If you use Windows authentication to log in to Vista, you can use that same login and password to access the portal.
      Important: Do not enable this setting without configuring your LDAP Domain and path. See Enable Windows Authentication Login for details.
    • 3 = Both
      Allows users to have a Windows AND an Employee number login.
      • Users will be able to switch login modes by selecting Login with Windows account or Login with Employee #.
      • To choose a default login mode, modify the setting Default log in to use on Log in Screen (Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login.
      • You can select this option in order to test Windows logins.
    • 4 = SSO
      Allows you to link your Portal to your existing single sign-on system (SSO). All users will log in to your portal this way.
      Important: BEFORE selecting this option, ensure that you have completed the following steps or you may lock yourself out of your portal: