New and Improved Help

A new Viewpoint For Projects™ Help site is now available and replaces the Help available in previous versions.

The new Help displays directly within the application but can also be accessed separately from the application using the following web address:

The new Help site provides a clean and uncluttered look, making it easier for you to find the information you need. The landing page contains a search bar and several tiles that provide access to separate areas of help content. Click the What’s New tile to view the release notes, or use one of the other tiles to access relevant topics based on your role.

Note: You must click the text within the tile to navigate to the associated area of content.

Within each area of content, a navigation tree allows you to view all topics in logical order. Expand a topic name to see sub-topics, or click on a topic name to display the topic text in the right hand pane.

Distinct subjects are now broken out into separate topics, so you know exactly the information you are getting when you see the topic name. For example, instead of seeing a single BIM topic that provides all information on models, you now see multiple topics, each of which covers a distinct modeling aspect.

To navigate from one guide to another, you can click the Menu icon in the upper right corner and select the appropriate guide. From the menu, you can also obtain assistance if needed.