Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2021 R6

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R6 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Users were logged back in to the portal after clicking the logout link when Login Mode 4 = SSO was enabled. Setting Location: Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login.
Note: To redirect users to a specific website after logging out of your portal, enter the URL for that website in the new advanced portal setting URL to redirect to when logging out of the portal. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Security / Login > Advanced Configuration.


Issues Fixed Issue #
In Benefit Approval, Current Cost was showing the wrong amount for benefits with user-entered amounts (for example, 401k). 103834

Emergency Contacts

Issues Fixed Issue #
The Relationship drop-down was pulling from the portal setting Custom combo box type to bind dependent relationship types instead of Custom combo box type for emergency contact relationship types. 103910


Issues Fixed Issue #
The Expense Posting Dashboard date range filter was excluding expenses that were submitted on the To date. 104099
Additional expenses submitted while an expense approver was logged in were not reflected by the badge number icon on the Approval drop-down when the page was refreshed. 103540
The cost type was not populating in Vista when a PO expense for equipment was entered. 103822
When a closed PO for one company and an open PO for a different company had the same PO number, both POs showed in the PO expenses type drop-down. 103858
When using company-specific URLs and the portal setting Notify Credit Card Users When Transactions are Uploaded, the URL in email notifications always used the first URL listed in the portal setting Portal URL (include trailing '/'). Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > General Configuration. 103995
The Expense Posting Dashboard failed to load if the PR Group filter was blank and a user navigated to a different portal page and then back to the dashboard. 104060
Rejecting an expense that had been moved to a batch resulted in the expense being cleared from the portal and Vista. 103267
After auto-generated AP Reference number count hit 999, the trailing number started over at zero instead of continuing to count up. 104136

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Issues Fixed Issue #
Users were able to save a social security number with fewer than nine digits on Form W-4. 103925
Users were not able to download custom onboarding tasks if the # symbol was used in the task name, and the following error message displayed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 103256
For new hires completing onboarding tasks, item groups were collapsing if a Personal Info field set with a Max Length was changed to a Personal Info Field response type. 104096
Documents requiring signatures or acknowledgment were not saving the Ignore If Hired After date if the documents were set to never expire (Expires On date was pinned). 104067
On the Applicant Detail page, the exported PDF was excluding the header text for custom tasks. 103955

Performance Reviews

Issues Fixed Issue #
Managers not included in the Employee Group assigned to a performance review template were not able to view employee reviews that used that template.

Personal Info

Issues Fixed Issue #
Text Undefined or Null was being added to a dependent's address if the user was prompted to update the dependent's address via Personal Info. 103906

Paystub Tools

Issues Fixed Issue #
SMS paystub notifications configured for Twilio failed to send from Paystub Tools. 103310

Support Requests

Issues Fixed Issue #
Email notifications for support requests were not sending when the check box for Notify Requester with these notes was selected, when a note was added, or when the request was set to Resolved. 103935
New support request emails were not being sent until the request was assigned. 103543
The Back to My Support Request button was not responding.
The Assigned To field was cleared after the user refreshed the page.

Time Off

Issues Fixed Issue #
User Access managers without access to Time Off pages were seeing the Time Off Approval badge counter and receiving the generic time off approval reminder email. 104160


Issues Fixed Issue #
The lookup when copying lines from the Grid Timecard did not limit locked employees. 103282
If a user did not clock out and their next clock-in was more than 24 hours later, they were not auto-clocked out for the previous work day when portal setting Employee Group to exclude from overnight clock-in was enabled. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock.
Note: Users are now auto-clocked out after 72 hours instead of 24. If the next clock in is within 72 hours, the portal will add the missed clock-out from the previous workday.
Changes made to the GLCo were not updated upon saving when changed to a GLCo that is not the employees default on job line types. 104141
The Job field did not return any values on the Standard Timecard when Job Visibility was set to Editable - Large Dataset in Timecard Settings. 104017
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.5+.
The earn code and line type summary in the header were not updating when moving to different line types on the standard timecard. 103921
An error occurred when adding timecard line hours with a decimal point on devices with the language set to Spanish. 103945
The following error was not displaying for users without permission to edit Grid Timecards for more than one employee: You are attempting to edit a timecard for more than one employee when you do not have permission. Please contact your System Administrator.


Issues Fixed Issue #
If a training class had identically-named skill and training codes, the skill codes were not updating for all class attendees after the class was finalized. 104033