New! Expense Enhancements in 2024 R4

The 2024 R4 release introduces major updates to the Expense module, including redesigns of the Expense Posting Dashboard and Expense Approval.

Following is a summary of the highlights regarding these changes. For details about all of the changes made in this release, see What's New in 2024 R4.

Expense Posting Dashboard Redesign

Each line in the Expense Posting Dashboard grid is now a single expense item. Items are no longer nested under a receipt header. Items with the same Receipt ID are in the same expense receipt.

Additional changes are outlined below.
Note: In an update after the 24.4 release, in order to accommodate the changes made to this grid, we reset your grid (making hidden columns visible). Additionally, you may also need to clear the cache on your browser.
Select an item to auto-select all items in that receipt

When you select the checkbox on a single expense item line, all items in that receipt are automatically selected. You cannot select or deselect single expense items, because in order to post expenses to a batch, you must move all items in the receipt at the same time. Choose Move to Batch to send these receipts to Vista.

Choose receipt and item actions from a single dropdown
A single Action button included on each line now lists options for the entire receipt and individual item. Actions include the following:
  • Edit Receipt
  • Delete Whole Receipt
  • Print Receipt
  • Reset Approvers
  • Clear Receipt Batch Status
  • View Workflow
  • Reject

For specific details about each of these actions, reference the Expense Posting Dashboard Fields article.

Specify to Reset Approvers on receipt or item

You now must indicate whether you want to reset approvers for an entire receipt or for an individual expense item only.

On an expense item line, select Actions > Reset Approvers, then choose one of the following options:
  • Reset Approvers on Receipt: Choose this option to update the approvers for all expense lines on the associated receipt.
  • Reset Approvers on Selected Line: Choose this option to update the approvers for only the expense line selected.
Exported Excel file displays all columns at the top level

All receipt and expense item data is now included at the same level in the exported spreadsheet, matching the layout of the dashboard. This simplifies sorting and exporting data in the grid.

For more details about expense posting, see the following:

Expense Approvals Redesign

Each line in the Expense Approval grid is now a single expense item. Items are no longer nested under a receipt header. Review the other major changes outlined below.

Approve / reject options, attachments, and item details now available on each line
Depending on the expense item and your permissions, you now have the ability to perform the following actions per line on the Expense Approval grid:
  • Approve the expense item
  • Reject the expense item (which rejects the entire receipt)
  • View the approver workflow for that item
  • Print the expense report PDF
  • View attachments for the expense item / header (if any)
    Note: If an expense receipt has an attachment added to the header, this header attachment is included on each expense item in the receipt. For individual expense item attachments, you can only view those attachments if you are an approver of that item.
  • View expense receipt details

Changes to details you can view for receipts and items

The expense items you see in the grid are the ones you are an approver for. To see all expense items in a receipt, select View.

If you are not an approver for certain expense items on the receipt, you will not be able to see the Charge To details. However, you can still view the Item Amount and Item Tax Amount to be able to see why a receipt might be out of balance.

Additionally, you cannot see the approver workflow on items you are not an approver for. Only Expense Admins can view the approver workflow for all items on the Expense Posting Dashboard.

New portal setting to allow approval of items on receipts that are out of balance

If enabled, the new portal setting Allow Approval When Receipt is Out of Balance lets users approve individual expense items on a receipt that is out of balance.

Users cannot move receipts that are out of balance to Payroll or Accounts Payable in Vista. However, if one approver makes a change to an item that throws the entire receipt out of balance, other users can still approve their items.

To access this portal setting, go to Admin > Portal Settings > Expense > Approval Modifications.

For more details about expense approvals, see the following: