About Adding a Company/Cost Center

If you add a Company/Cost Center to your ERP system (Vista, Spectrum, or Jobpac) after the initial integration with Team, you must sync with your ERP system to make the Company/Cost Center available in Team, and then create a Business Unit for that Company/Cost Center so it can be used when you create a new project.

Do the following to add a new Company/Cost Center in Team:
  1. Follow the steps in Sync with your ERP System.
  2. Verify that the new company appears in the list of Companies/Cost Centers. See View Companies.
  3. Add a Business Unit for the Company/Cost Center. Follow the steps in Add a Business Unit. When adding the Business Unit, in the Company field, select the new company you added.

If you want to use the new Company/Cost Center in a project, follow the instructions in Add a New Project, and make sure to select the Business Unit you created for the new Company/Cost Center.