Download Installation Executables

You need to download the installation files before you can install Viewpoint Team or update the Vista-Team Connector.

Before downloading the Viewpoint Team executables from Viewpoint Customer Portal, you need the following:
  • An Internet connection
  • A Viewpoint Customer Portal login
  1. To download the installation executables from Viewpoint Customer Portal, click the following link or enter the link into your web browser:
  2. If you are not already logged into Viewpoint Customer Portal, log in now.
    The Viewpoint Team > Downloads folder opens.
  3. Download the following two .exe files. For each one, click the More Options button , and then click Download:
    • Vista_Team_Connector_x.x.x.x.exe
    • Vista_ProjectCommunicationsDB_x.x.x.x.exe
  4. Save each executable to a location where you can easily locate it during the installation or update process.