Edit or Delete a Comment on a Work Item

You can edit or delete a comment on a work item (submittal, RFI, issue).

Project Editors can edit or delete any comment. Project contacts can edit or delete their own comments. Note that the work item history shows a record of any comment edits or deletions.
  1. From the home page, click on the work item assigned to you. Alternately, you can click the project name, click the tab for the work item type (Submittals, RFIs, or Issues), and then click the work item number to open the details page for that work item.
  2. In the Activity area, click Comments.
    The comments for the submittal appear.
  3. Click on the comment and edit or delete as follows.
    • To edit the comment, click . Make any changes in the comment field, and then click Save Comment to save your edits.
    • To delete the comment, click . When the confirmation dialog appears, click Delete Comment.
Edited comments are marked as "Edited" in the Comments list. Deleted comments are removed from the list.