What's New in Team 2021 R2

The Viewpoint Team™ 2021 R2 release contains new submittals analytics, major forms improvements such as template permissions and comments, and drawing and document tool improvements such as an updated UI and basic measurement and take off for web. Mobile enhancements include thumbnails for drawings, forms improvements, and the ability to compare drawing sheets.

Forms Enhancements for both Web and Mobile

  • Template Permissions - Forms are now available to all roles. You can set permissions for your form templates for each role. This means anyone in your project will now have access to forms and form templates. For more details, see Set Form Template Permissions.
  • Comments - Comments can now be added to a form question from both the web and mobile application.
  • Email Forms - Forms can now be emailed to contacts within Team. For more details, see Email a Form.
  • Company Logos - You can personalize your forms with your company logo. For more information on how to add a company logo, see Edit Project Details and Create a Form Template.

Web Enhancements

  • Document and Drawing Viewer Update - Your document and drawing viewer has been updated with new markup and save features. Drawings have also received basic measurement and takeoff. For more information, see Mark up a Document or Drawing.
  • Automatically Hyperlink a Drawing Set - When enabled in your project settings, your drawing sets will automatically create a hyperlink for all corresponding drawing sheets. For more details, see Enable a Hyperlink for a Drawing Set.
  • Create a Submittals Report - With this release, you can create a Submittals report from the Submittals page. For details, see Create a Submittals Report.
  • Standard Reports for Submittals, RFIs, and Daily Logs - With this release, from the Submittals, RFIs, or Daily Logs page, you can access standard reports by selecting the Reporting option. For details, see Submittals Reporting, Daily Logs Reporting or RFIs Reporting.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Thumbnails for Drawings - Drawings will now display a thumbnail when accessed through the mobile app.

  • Compare Drawing Sheets – You can now compare any revisions made between newer and older versions of your drawings. For more details, see Compare Drawing Sheets in Team Mobile.

Release Availability Schedule

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