What's New in Team 2021 R4

The Viewpoint Team™ 2021 R4 release contains the ability to export your latest drawing revisions, and grants all editors access to modify annotations for the web. Mobile enhancements include inviting users through the mobile app, and major photo tool enhancements such as annotating photos and the ability to take multiple photos.

Web Enhancements

  • Export Latest Revision - This update provides the option of exporting your latest drawing log revisions. Select the new Export Latest Revisions button in your drawing tool.
  • Modify Annotations - All editor roles can now edit any annotations in a Drawing, Document, or Attachment.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Invite Users - You can now add existing contacts into your project from the Team Mobile app. For more information, see Add a Contact from Team or your ERP to a Project with Team Mobile.
  • Take Multiple Photos - Take multiple photos by continuously tapping the capture button with the new Team mobile camera.
  • Annotate Photos - You can now annotate photos using Mobile Team. For more information, see Annotate Photos.

Note: Users on previous versions of the Team mobile app will be unable to delete links between items (for example, links between an RFI and a Drawing). Upgrading to the latest version resolves this issue.

Release Availability Schedule

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