What's New in Team 2021 R6

The Viewpoint Team™ 2021 R6 release contains web enhancements such as new form relation services, the ability to rotate photos, download drawing lists, and new getting started guides. Mobile enhancements include read-only Pending Change Orders.

Web Enhancements

  • Relate Forms - You can now add forms as related records to Submittals, Issues, RFIs, and other forms. For more information, see:
    Note: Mobile support for form relation will be coming soon.
  • Rotate Photos - You can now rotate photos captured or uploaded in the wrong orientation in the photos detail view. For details, see Edit a Photo.

  • Download Flat List of Drawings - To facilitate ease of printing when downloading drawings, your drawing lists output into a zip file with either a folder per project area (if enabled) or a flat list.

  • User Guides - There are new getting started guides that cover RFIs and Forms that can be accessed both in the Help and the Resource Center in ViewpointOne™.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Change Management Mobile - You can now view Pending Change Orders (PCOs) in the mobile app. For more information, see View Potential Change Orders with Team Mobile
    Note: Project Managers have access to PCOs in the Team Mobile application.

Release Availability Schedule

Click here to view the availability schedule for this release.