Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled Jobs are recurring jobs that the portal performs. Access these jobs by going to Admin > Portal Settings and selecting Scheduled Jobs.

Note: Scheduled Jobs were previously named SQL jobs and managed in the SQL Server Management Studio. Beginning with version 23.2, SQL jobs are being replaced with Scheduled Jobs, which are managed in the portal.

Before updating to the 23.2 version, review your custom SQL jobs, as these will be deleted. If you modified any of the default SQL jobs, you will need to update the schedule for these customized jobs on the Scheduled Jobs page. You will not need to update portal settings associated with these jobs—they will carry over and remain in effect.

Examples of recurring Scheduled Jobs include refreshing employee groups, updating Personal Information fields in Vista, or sending reminder emails for approvals or timecard entry.

From the Scheduled Jobs page, you can see the list of jobs, schedules, upcoming and past execution dates, state of the job after it was last run, if the job is user defined, and if the job is currently enabled.

You can also edit, run, and add jobs, view job history, and delete user-defined jobs. For more information about working with Scheduled Jobs, see the following: