Adjust Module-Specific SSRS Reports

Edit and customize SSRS reports using Portal Settings.

Some modules, including Checklists, Performance Reviews, Applicant Tracking, and Onboarding, allow the module administrator to modify printouts for specific templates, as described in the following steps. For all other modifications, you must be a System Admin.
Important: Modifications to SSRS reports must be made with Microsoft Report Builder version 2014 or earlier.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings.
  2. Select the checkbox for Show Advanced Settings at the top of the page.
    Note: Most SSRS report settings fall under advanced settings.
  3. In the Search box at the top of the page, search for the SSRS report. For example, enter rdl or SSRS in the Search box. You can also check settings by module.
    Note: If a report does not have an associated portal setting, it cannot be modified.
  4. Select the More button for the report, and choose an option:

    • Upload New Report: Replace the existing SSRS report. The new report cannot have the same name as the current report template.
    • Download Report Template: Download the default SSRS report for the current module. You may want to use this option to modify an existing report. Download the template, make your changes, and save the report with a new name. Then upload the new version.
    • Delete Report (displays only for reports that have been overridden): If you have already overridden the portal template with a revised report, use this option to remove that revised version. The portal will then revert to the original report template.