Security Admin Permissions

Security Admins have elevated access to certain areas of the portal using options on the Admin menu.

OptionAllows System Admins to
User AccessGrant access to most modules and unlock locked-out users.
  • Security Admins receive emails when users have locked themselves out of the portal due to too many bad password attempts or when users change their passwords. If you do not want Security Admins to receive emails when users reset their passwords, enable the portal setting Disable Password Reset Notification for Security Admins found under (Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > General Configuration).
  • Security Admins can see the System Admin permission column on the User Access page but cannot edit it.
Approval PermissionsAssign certain permissions in the portal.

Approval permissions are module-specific. Assign these permissions only when implementing the relevant modules.
Employee GroupsBuild groups of employees to use for permission assignments.
Login AuditingReview failed login attempts and login data for employees.
Data SecurityAssign permissions to specific data types.
Mail LogReview emails sent from the portal.
Manage LookupsCreate dropdown lists for specific modules (Checklists, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking, Performance, Training).