Add a Payroll Company to the Portal

A PR company is created during installation. You can add more PR companies or exclude payroll groups from a PR company as needed.

When you add PR companies, all employees in that company (as listed in Vista's PR Employees module) are added to the portal. To see the list of current users for a company, select Admin > User Access, and select the PR company from the dropdown in the upper left of the page.
Important: Removing a Payroll company removes all employees in that company and their assigned permissions, including the System Admin. If you are removing a PR company, be sure to assign the System Admin to a different PR company first, or you will not have a System Admin.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup.
  2. Select General Configuration.
  3. Use the setting PR Company and PR Groups to be included in the Portal (semi-colon separated) to add PR companies or payroll groups as follows:
    • To add a new PR company and all employees in that company:
      1. Type a semicolon (;) after an existing company number.
      2. Enter the new company number, excluding spaces (for example, 1;2;3).
    • To include a payroll group from a PR company:
      1. Add a colon (:) after the PR company number.
      2. Add the payroll group to include. To include multiple payroll groups, insert a comma between each group number (for example, 1:1,2,3;2;3).
  4. Use the setting Set the currency type for each PRCo (Example: 1:$,2:$) to indicate the currency to use for the new PR company. Each company may be listed only once.
    • For each new company, enter the company number followed by a colon and the currency icon (for example, 1:$).
    • Add a semicolon (;) between each company:currency group (for example, 1:$;2:$).