Data Level Security for Custom Tables and Forms

You can set data level security for custom tables and forms in the User Database (UD) module.

In order for a custom field to be secured on a table/form, the field must be associated with a securable datatype. For example, if the custom user table/form includes an 'Employee' field that that needs to be secured, assign it to the bEmployee datatype in the Datatype field.

Securable datatypes include:
  • bAPCo

  • bGLCo

  • bJCCo

  • bARCo

  • bHQCo

  • bLoc

  • bCMCo

  • bHRCo

  • bMSCo

  • bCMAcct

  • bHRRef

  • bPMCo

  • bContract

  • bINCo

  • bPOCo

  • bEMCo

  • bJBCo

  • bPRCo

  • bEmployee

  • bJob

  • bSLCo