Enable Single Sign-On

Enterprise Admins in Trimble Construction One organizations can take these steps to enable single sign on (SSO) for their users.

To enable single sign-on, Enterprise Admins must migrate existing Vista usernames to their associated Trimble Construction One user account, or SSO account.

SSO enables the following:

  • A platform for seamless integration across connected Trimble Viewpoint products
  • Active Directory federated services for easier and more secure user management
  • Use of the same login credentials for Vista as for other Viewpoint licensed products
  • Ability to launch Vista without having to enter credentials each time, providing a smoother and faster login experience


  • Enterprise Admin role - If you have not received an email from Viewpoint inviting you to set up your Enterprise Admin account, please contact Customer Support. Once you receive the invite, respond accordingly.
  • Send user invitations - As an Enterprise Admin, you can access and use a migration tool in the Trimble Construction One workcenter. This tool helps you prepare and send invites to Vista users. See Migrate Users to Trimble Construction One.
  • Users choose their credentials - Users must respond to the email invitation to complete the process you started by entering their name and choosing a password. For details, see Configure Your SSO Account.


Integration with Azure AD - If you want to integrate with Azure AD, see About Integrating with Azure AD for steps to complete the process.