Change the Email Address of a Single Sign-On Account

If after migrating a Trimble Construction One user you discover that the email address needs to be changed or updated for any reason, a Trimble Construction One Enterprise Admin can help correct it.

Changing a user email address requires action by both the end user and their system administrator, in the order given below.

The steps on this page apply only to a Trimble Construction One user account that has already been migrated/configured and whose email needs to be changed.

If instead you need to migrate an existing VPID account to a Trimble Construction One user account, see Migrate Users to Trimble Construction One.

Reasons to change the email address could be varied. Possible examples:
  • user name change
  • error or omission
  • a change to the company domain.
Note: Any four-digit code appended to the username was applied automatically upon migration. You may ignore it.
  1. User:
    1. Log out of Vista.
    2. Log in to Team.
    3. Go to My Profile.
    4. Change the email address.
    5. If your access to Vista is through an organization not your own, skip the System Administrator steps.
  2. System Administrator:
    1. In Vista, go to the VA User Profile form.
    2. Locate and open the user record.
    3. Select the Email Address link.
      The User Migration Tool opens to a page where you can change the email.
    4. Change the user's email.
  3. Depending on whether your organization is using federation:
    Yes, our organization uses federation.System Administrator - log in to Okta or Azure AD and change the email address.
    No, our organization doesn't use federation.User - go to and change the email address.
The updated email address is now associated with the Trimble Construction One user account.
The user must now use this email address as part of their credentials, and cease using the prior email address.