Vista-Aatrix Integration

Vista integrates with Aatrix Software to provide an alternative method for regulatory reporting and electronic filing.

Aatrix Software is an industry leading provider of US and Canadian regulatory reporting and e-filing services. It provides print and e-file support for hundreds of US and Canadian federal and state regulatory forms. In addition, Aatrix supports direct on-line tax payments to federal and state revenue agencies. A Vista-specific information page is available from Aatrix here.

Vista's integration with Aatrix broadens the scope of supported Federal and State reports available to US and Canadian contractors. This list is continuously monitored and updated as report and e-filing requirements change to ensure up-to-date reporting and e-file compliance.

Note: Aatrix updates are automatically installed on your system via the auto-update task set up (by Aatrix) in Windows Task Scheduler. For more information, see About Aatrix Auto Updates.
Some of the reports currently available through Aatrix include:
United StatesCanada
940 / 941
State / Federal W-2s and W-2Cs
Note: To use the Aatrix application, you must download and install it to your local workstation. Additionally, to use the e-filing services, you must register and set up a company account. For details about downloading and installing Aatrix, see Enable Aatrix on a Workstation.

Year-end Reporting

Most year-end regulatory reporting for U.S. and Canadian Vista customers requires Aatrix. This includes W-2s, ACA, 1099s, T4s, and T5018s.

However, beginning December 2022, Vista provides the option generate and download Federal W-2s and 1099-NECs for manual submission to the IRS. For more information about downloading W-2s, see Create a Federal W-2 Electronic File. For information about downloading 1099-NECs, see Prepare and Process 1099s.

In addition, you can print employee copies of W-2s (U.S.), recipient copies of Form 1099-NEC (U.S.), and paper copies of T4s and T5018s (Canada).

Although Vista's processing workflows continue to provide the initialization and maintenance of employee and vendor data for year-end reporting, all printing and eFiling must be done via Aatrix.

Quarterly Reporting

Viewpoint continues to improve its integration with Aatrix to allow for a broader range of regulatory reports and e-filing. This means Viewpoint can offer a quicker response to changing specifications and save you time and effort by staying current with new report versions and reducing e-file rejections. As a result, the following reports and e-filing processes are no longer available in Vista:
  • 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return - You must use one of the following methods for 941 reporting:
    • Print our standard PR 940/941 Info report and then manually transfer it to the 941 form.

    • Use Aatrix to report and e-file your 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return.

      If you elect to use Aatrix, use the PR Aatrix Report Selection form to access the "2019 941/Schedule B/941-V..." report, which auto loads with PR Pay Period Detail values. You can then edit values as needed directly in the report, and then either print (at no cost) or e-file the result.

  • Quarterly Unemployment Reporting - Vista continues to offer its current PR Unemployment Process, but is transitioning to the advanced e-filing capabilities using Aatrix. As states change their reporting requirements and e-filing specifications, the standard Vista e-file format may no longer comply. In these cases, you will need to use Aatrix for SUI/Wage reporting. For a list of states currently requiring Aatrix for SUI/Wage reporting, see States Requiring Aatrix for Unemployment Reporting (United States).

For information about regulatory reporting with Aatrix, see About Regulatory Reporting Using Aatrix.