Enable Aatrix on a Workstation

Aatrix Software specializes in tax form creation and electronic filing.

Integrated into Vista's existing regulatory reporting options, Aatrix uses your Vista data to create your company's regulatory reports and electronic files. Optionally, you can also enroll with Aatrix to submit your files for you.

Reports and electronic files that Aatrix can output include W2s, 1099s, 1094s/1095s, T4s, T5018s,and 941s, along with many other regulatory reports and filings required throughout the year.

Before you can use the Aatrix application, you must first download and install it.

To download and install Aatrix:

  1. From a workstation that will be used to create regulatory reports and electronic files, select this link: https://partner.aatrix.com/vista
    The Vista/Aatrix partner page on the Aatrix website displays.
  2. In the Download Updates section, select the Vista Tax Forms link to download the executable file to your local workstation.
  3. Open and run the executable file to install the application.

    The Aatrix installation wizard appears.

  4. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the installation.
    Note: One of the wizard steps is to confirm the installation location.
    • Accept the suggested default location so that when you use the Aatrix application for the first time, Vista can open it automatically for you.

    • If you must select an installation location other than the default, when you use the Aatrix application for the first time, use the dialog box that appears to navigate to the location you installed it.

  5. If you are prompted to install font files and Microsoft C++ redistributables, do so.

    As the install process finishes, the install wizard disappears and the Aatrix application is installed and ready for you to use. The entry points from Vista to Aatrix are listed in Regulatory Reporting using Aatrix.

  6. In VA User Profile, Info tab, use the Exe Path field (in the Aatrix Installation Location section) to enter the path your hosted or on-premise environment will use to access the Aatrix executable.
In order to use the Aatrix e-filing services for regulatory reporting, you must also do the following.
  • Enroll with Aatrix
  • Enter your DUNS # in the HQ Company Setup form
  • For state and/or local payroll regulatory filings, assign the appropriate Aatrix Tax Type to each applicable deduction or liability code in the PR Deductions/Liabilities form (Add'l Info tab).