Viewpoint Administration General Reports

General reports in the Viewpoint Administration module refer to reports that are available to all geographic areas.

The following table displays a list of all VA general reports, along with a description and how often you should run each report. Click on a link to get additional information on the report.

TitleDescriptionWhen Run (Typically)
VA Application Log By Object List the Application Log by Event and associated Object.As Needed
VA Application Log By User List System Activity for Users.As Needed
VA Attachment Type SecurityDisplays VA Attachment Type Security.As Needed
VA Datatype Security By Group/UserDisplays VA Datatype Security By Group/User.As Needed
VA Form SecurityLists Form Security by Module, Form, Company, Group, and User.As Needed
VA Form Security by FormDisplays VA Form Security by Form.As Needed
VA Form Security by UserLists Form Security by User, Company, Form, Group.As Needed
VA Inquiry SecurityDisplays VP Inquiry Security by Users and Groups As Needed
VA License Usage by Day ReportLists maximum concurrent usage by license type for each day, with user login details.As Needed
VA ‘Other Event’ StatisticsStatistical reporting for event type 'Other'.As Needed
VA Report Activity LogDisplay Report Activities and Errors.As Needed
VA Report Security by Title List Report Security Access for a Module/ Title for Company/Groups and/or User.As Needed
VA Report Security by User List Report Security by User, Group, Module then Report Title.As Needed
VA Security Group by User List Users and their associated Security Groups.As Needed
VA Security Groups Displays VA Security Groups.As Needed
VA System Users List of Viewpoint system users and their profile.As Needed
VA Table Security Displays VA Table Security.As Needed
VA Unique Users by Module and MonthDisplays VA Unique Users by Module and Month.As Needed
VA Users by ModuleList of Users and their module access for a given month.As Needed
VA Work Center SecurityDisplays Work Center template Security by Users and GroupsAs Needed
VA Web Usage By Viewpoint Browser Displays VA Web Usage By Viewpoint Browser.As Needed
Viewpoint Lookup Usage Displays Viewpoint Lookup Usage.As Needed
Viewpoint View Columns Displays Viewpoint View Columns.As Needed
VP Menu Templates Report A list of the available Menu Templates.As Needed
VP User F3 Default and Validation Displays VP User F3 Default and Validation.As Needed