Initiate the Review/Approval Workflow for Subcontracts

Once you create a subcontract that requires approval, you can submit the subcontract for approval, thereby initiating the review and approval process.

Prior to entering subcontracts and submitting them for review/approval,

  • you must have the Workflow module and,

  • you must have set up the process workflow feature (that is, set up roles and workflows and assigned them to specific companies and/or jobs/projects). For more information, see Set up the Process Workflow Feature.

  1. Create the subcontract. You can do this using either of the following forms.
    • PM Subcontracts
    • PM Subcontract Detail
  2. If you are not already in PM Subcontracts (that is, you created the subcontract in PM Subcontract Detail), open the PM Subcontracts form and select the subcontract you just entered.
  3. Select the Workflow button to view the users that need to review/approve the Subcontract.
    The Pending Reviewers form displays, showing the SL items, steps, users, and approval limits, as well as whether a user is flagged as optional.
  4. When you are ready to initiate the review/approval process, select the Submit for Approval button.
    The users that need to review/approve the Subcontract will be notified.
  5. Once the subcontract is submitted for approval, you can view its progress using the following methods:
    • Workflow History tab, PM Subcontracts - This tab displays the history of the Subcontract; that is, when it was submitted for approval, when it was approved or rejected, and all comments entered by reviewers/approvers.
    • Workflow button, PM Subcontracts - Select this button to open the PM SL Work Flow Items Reviewers form. This forms shows the progress of the subcontract in the workflow process, including comments and notes entered by the reviewers.
    • Work Center - Open the My Documents in Workflow query in the Work Center that you use to process subcontracts. This displays a list of subcontracts that you have created and their progress in a workflow.
  6. If applicable, enter comments on a subcontract item for the reviewer.
    1. Select the Workflow button, which opens the PM SL Work Flow Item Reviewers form.
    2. In the SL Item field, select the desired subcontract item.
    3. Select the applicable step/approver and use the Notes field to enter notes or comments.
      The reviewer/approver will see these comments when they review/approve the subcontract item.
Assigned Reviewers can now review and approve the subcontract in the PM Work Center. For more information, see Review Subcontracts Submitted for Approval.

If you are using the PO/SL review feature in Vista Web, reviewers can also review and approve the subcontract via the Approval menu. For more information, see Pending PO / Subcontract Review.