Review Subcontracts Submitted for Approval

Once a subcontract has been submitted for approval using the Process Workflow feature, a notification is sent to all assigned reviewers. You must then review and approve/reject those subcontracts to which you are assigned.

Subcontracts submitted for approval are reviewed and approved using the PM Work Center. The following describes the review/approval process.
Note: If you are using using the PO/SL review feature in Vista Web, reviewers can also review and approve the subcontract via the Approval menu. For more information, see Pending PO / Subcontract Review.
  1. Open the Work Center that you use to review/approve subcontracts.
  2. From the Menu panel, select the My Documents to Review query.
    The My Documents to Review panel displays a list of subcontracts that you need to review and approve.
  3. Select a subcontract to review and perform one or all of the following:
    1. View the Subcontract Items - Double-click on the subcontract in the list to drill down and view the items on the subcontract.
    2. Open/Edit the Subcontract - Select Open Item () to open the subcontract in the PM Subcontracts form. Then make your edits as necessary.
      Note: When you edit a subcontract, you are pulling it out of the current work flow. If the subcontract needs to be processed in a workflow after you make the changes, you will have to re-submit it for approval.
    3. Approve the Subcontract - Select Approve Document ().
      A message displays stating that the document is fully approved and ready to process.
      Note: When you approve a subcontract, all items on the subcontract are approved; you cannot approve subcontract items individually. If you are the only approver, the Subcontract's Workflow Status (in PM Subcontracts) changes to Approved. If the subcontract needs to be approved by others, the status is set to Partially Approved.
    4. Reject a Subcontract - Select Reject Document ().
      A message displays stating that the document was rejected and the subcontract's Workflow Status is set to Rejected.
      Note: When you reject a subcontract, all items on the subcontract are rejected; you cannot reject subcontract items individually. Once a subcontract is rejected, the originator of the subcontract receives a message that it has been rejected and the subcontract is pulled out of the workflow process.
    5. Add a comment - Double-click the subcontract and then select Add Comments (). This opens the WF Document Review Edit form, where you can enter your comments/notes.
    6. Add an attachment - Double-click on the subcontract to drill down to the items and select Add/Edit Attachments (). This opens the Attachments form, allowing you to add attachments to the selected item.
  4. Process the approved subcontract.
    1. Open the subcontract in the PM Subcontracts form.
    2. Verify that Approved displays in the Workflow Status field.
    3. Select the Approved check box and save the record.
    4. Open the PM Interface form.
      The approved subcontract will now display on this form.
    5. Interface the subcontract.
      The subcontract is sent to the Subcontract module.