Adding Contacts

Use the Adding Contacts screen to manage contacts in ProContractor.

Any "person" entity used in ProContractor must be defined as a contact before you can associate it with another business entity. This includes the people (contacts) that you associate with your customers, vendors, prospects, In addition, users within ProContractor and employees of your company are also maintained as contacts. If you create a user or an employee that is not already set up as a contact, the application creates a contact for you.

Contacts do not pertain to only a single company. If you set up multiple companies in ProContractor, contacts set up in any one of them are available in all of them.

Note: Unlike other maintenance functions in ProContractor, there are no codes used for contacts. Contacts are identified only by the five fields that make up the contact name (Title, First Name, Initial, Last Name, and Suffix). It is possible to have more than one contact with the same name.

If you are using ProContractor Mobile, you need to create a contact for each mobile device user. These mobile users do not need to be ProContractor users.

  1. Select Administration > Setup > Adding Contacts.
    The Adding Contacts screen opens.
  2. Enter the appropriate information to the five fields that make up the contact name (Title, First Name, Initial, Last Name, and Suffix). To modify an existing contact, in the Last Name field click to select the contact you want to modify from a lookup list. See Lookup List for details.
    Note: Only the first name and last name are required.
  3. Complete the remaining fields as needed.
  4. Click Save Contact.
    Note: To delete a contact, locate the contact and click Delete Contact, and then click Yes.
Adding contacts is a step in the ProContractor Mobile setup process. The next step is to create mobile users. See Mobile User Settings screen for details.