ProContractor Mobile Requirements

The following table lists the requirements for using ProContractor Mobile.

Note: In order to view a binder item of a Microsoft Office file on a mobile device, you must use Microsoft Office 2010 or higher on the server where your ProContractor application is installed.
ItemMinimum Requirement
ProContractor software applicationThe latest version installed on your server
ProContractor Mobile Publisher
Note: The Publisher is a Windows-based service you must install on the server running the ProContractor application. It syncs data with the field devices.
The latest version (64-bit)
  • On the server running your ProContractor application, install the ProContractor Mobile Publisher that is compatible with your operating system. See Install the ProContractor Mobile Publisher for details.
  • Open TCP ports 22 and 4433 on the server/firewall. This allows the flow of data required by the data sync.
Mobile DeviceProContractor Mobile has been tested to run on devices using these operating systems:ProContractor Mobile is not compatible with Windows phones, Microsoft Surface, and Surface 2 tablets.