What's New in Trimble Work Center 2024 R3

With this release of Trimble Work Center, you can create your own custom widget, which can be added to your widget library and used in a custom dashboard.

Create a Custom Widget

You can now create a custom widget and add it to your widget library.

Work Center provides the following two widget templates you can use to create a custom widget:
  • Link List: The Link List template can be used to display a list of links, and optionally, a button with an add icon that can be linked to a URL. For examples of how you can use the Link List template, see About the Link List Widget Template.

  • Single Action: The Single Action template can be used to create a widget that provides quick access to a web application or a specific page within a web application. For examples of how you can use the Single Action template, see About the Single Action Widget Template.

For instructions on creating a custom widget, see Create a Widget.

Manage Custom Widgets

Once you have created a custom widget and added it to your widget library, you can edit the widget to modify it as needed. You can also duplicate a widget that you've created and then modify it. You can also delete a widget that you've created. For instructions on working with custom widgets, see the following: