Set Up Checklist Workflow

Checklist workflow allows for routing and sharing of checklist data to dynamic groups of individuals, typically upon submission of a checklist.

Workflow is established at the checklist template level, and can be overridden for each checklist instance as necessary.
  1. Select Field Tools > Checklist Templates.
  2. Select the template you want to modify.
  3. Select Workflow to show the workflow settings for the template.
  4. To enable workflow, select the Enable Workflow For This Template? drop-down. Select the default roles to include, and save.
  5. Select the check box for the workflow options necessary for this template.
    • Route to PM?: Email the project manager from PM Projects when checklists are submitted.
    • Route to Job Reviewers?: Email reviewers in JC Jobs when checklists are submitted.
    • Route to Member of Invoice Rev. Group?: Email reviewers on the assigned Invoice Reviewer Group for the job when checklists are submitted.
    • User Group to Route To: Email employees in the above user group when checklists are submitted.
  6. Select Notify Reviewers to send an email to the reviewers.
    This email includes a direct link to the checklist, and a PDF copy of the checklist report. These reviewers will be able to see the checklist in their grid, even if they are not included in the overall access group for the checklist template.
  7. The checklist can now be reviewed, submitted, or marked as finalized by the workflow reviewers.