Configure Daily Reports

The System Admin configures the tabs available, the Job Cost Companies, and assigns employees access to Daily Reports.

  1. Go to Admin > Portal Settings > Daily Reports > General Configuration.
  2. In the Daily Report Customize tab portal setting, enter the tabs you would like to enable for your Daily Reports. These tabs correspond to the same tabs in Vista PM Daily Logs. Enter a comma between each tab with no spaces (Example: Gen,Sub,Vis)
    • Gen = General Information
    • Sub = Subcontractors
    • Vis = Visitors
    • Con = Conversations
    • Mat = Material
    • Emp = Employee
      Note: The employee tab does not pull or push time from the timecard. If you would like to include the time entered on a timecard into your printed Daily Report, enable the Include Timecard Lines on Daily Report portal setting.
    • Equ = Equipment
    • Act = Accidents
  3. In the List of Companies to include for Daily Report input portal setting, enter a Company. For multiple companies, enter a comma between each company number (no spaces).
    • If you need to restrict the Job Cost Companies, you can enable Restrict Daily Report Job access to the JCCo that matches your PRCo.
  4. If you want users to only see the Daily Reports they created, select the Restrict Daily Reports for standard users portal setting.
    Important: This setting requires that the user-defined (UD) fields udCreatedBy and udCreatedDate exist on the PM Daily Logs form and does not affect users in the Daily Report Manager Group.
  5. Go to Admin > User Access and filter to Field. For each users that will need access to Daily Reports, enable the Daily Reports access.