Configure Daily Reports Submission

The Daily Reports submission feature in the portal requires the addition of two user defined fields added to Vista’s PM Daily Logs Info Tab.

You must be a System Admin in the portal and have access in Vista to VA Custom Fields Wizard in Vista to configure this feature.
  1. In Vista, you will need to add the following user defined (UD) fields to the PM Daily Logs Info tab:
    1. "udSubmittedOn" (this must be a date type field with a field length parameter set to at least 20 characters)
    2. "udSubmittedBy" (this is a text box field with a field length parameters set to 100 characters).
      Note: For more details on this process see Create a UD Field for Daily Reports and Field Tickets.
  2. In the portal, go to Admin > Portal Settings and select Refresh Synonyms.
  3. Continuing in Portal settings, go to Daily Reports > Distribution and activate portal setting Enable Daily Report Submission feature.
  4. If you would like to require users to sign their daily reports when they submit enable portal setting Require digital signature to Daily Reports on Submission.