Create a QR Code That Links Back to Field Management

QR codes can be a handy tool out on the field. You can create a QR code so your users can easily pull up the piece of equipment or the training history on an employee by scanning with a QR reader.

Below are the steps to make this available.

Create a URL

For Equipment: [portalurl]/Equipment/#/EMEMKeyID/[Key ID from EMEM table for the equipment]

  • Portal URL: This is your current portal URL (Example:

  • Key ID: You can get the Key ID from table.columname EMEM.KeyID or use the following select statement:
    • Use Viewpoint
    • Select KeyID, EMCo, Equipment, Description
    • From dbo.bEMEM
    • Order By KeyID
    Note: To get to this table you must be logged into your SQL Server Management Studio as the System Admin and connected to the server where your Vista dn KDS-HRIM database lives.
  • Example:
    • Portal URL =
    • Key ID = 100
For Training: [portalurl]/employee/training/#Manager/Y/HRCo/[the hr company of the employee]/Employee/[the employee number]
  • Example:
    • URL =
    • HR Company = 1
    • Employee = 100

Generate your own QR code

Use the URLs created above and enter into a QR generator to create your own QR codes for each piece of equipment or employee.

How does it work?

After you have created your QR code, the user can easily get to that page by using a QR scanner.
  • The user will have to be logged in to get to the page.
  • If the user does not have permission (for example, they are not assigned to the module or don't have permission to view that employee's training), they will not be able to open the page.