Enable OAuth for Field Management Mobile

Field Management Mobile supports OAuth as the authorization framework for enabling secure logins via your identity service provider.

Important: OAuth is a third-party option for configuring secure logins for Field Management Mobile. Logging in via OAuth is not the same as logging in via Viewpoint ID. At this time, Viewpoint ID logins do not transfer to Field Management Mobile.

Before You Begin

Before you can configure OAuth for the mobile app, you must obtain the following information from your identity service provider. This information will be used to configure portal settings specific to OAuth.

  • URL of the OAuth Identity Server

  • Client ID used for OAuth Bearer Token

  • Client Secret used for OAuth Bearer Token

  • OAuth Identity Server Scopes

  • OAuth Identity Server Well-Known-Configuration Path

Mobile User Requirements

At their next login following OAuth configuration, your mobile users must sync portal settings on the mobile app (Preferences > Sync Portal Settings) to ensure that your authorization protocol is enabled on their device.

OAuth Login Only Option

You have the option to require that users log in via your identity service provider's protocol by enabling the portal setting OAuth Login Only. Be sure to test your OAuth login before enabling this setting.

After you enable this option, your mobile users will no longer be allowed to log into the mobile app with their employee ID and password (the Employee Number and Password fields will not display on the login page). Instead, they must use the SSO Login button.

Learn How to Configure OAuth