Enter Job Time (Field Tickets) in Tablet View

Enter time, equipment usage, production, mechanic timecard lines, and start-stop time for jobs and phases using tablet view on the Field Management Mobile app.

To use tablet grid entry, you must enable the Allocation Grids option in Field Management Mobile Preferences (enabled by default for tablets). If you are using mobile view for job time entry, see Enter Job Time (Field Tickets) in Mobile View for details.

By default, job time submitted on the mobile app automatically creates a field ticket in the web portal. If you submit time for multiple days, the portal creates a separate field ticket per day and job (time submitted for multiple days is not combined into a single timecard template). However, you can configure your portal to route labor to grid timecards instead of field tickets. See Configure Field Management Mobile in the Portal for details.

  1. At the top of the home page in Field Management Mobile, select the pay period for the time entry:
    1. Tap the pay period shown.
      A list of available pay periods displays at the bottom of the page.
    2. Select the applicable pay period.
    3. Tap Done.
  2. On the home page, locate the applicable date for time entries.
    Dates display in a gray bars that divide the timecard into sections.
  3. If a job has already been added for a date, you can tap the existing job name to add time to it.
  4. To add new job lines for a date, on the home page, tap the icon to the right of that date. If the date has no entries yet, you can select Tap to start entering time. In the pop-up window that opens:
    1. Select Job.
    2. For Clone a previous job? select either Yes to copy the job, phase, and employee selections from a previous card or No to select the job, phases, and employees.
      Note: Users with access to Crews can add Crews to new job timecards. All employees in a selected crew are added to the timecard automatically. Crews must be set up for the current PR Company and PR Group in order for them to display during timecard setup.
  5. If you need to add a phase, employee, or equipment after opening the time entry grid, select in the upper left of the grid.
  6. To enter job time, tap a grid cell. The Employee Allocation and/or Equipment Allocation section opens:
    • To add time, enter hours for the applicable earn code or revenue code, and select Apply.
    • To bulk add time, select multiple grid cells. You can also tap a row or column header to select an entire row or column.
    • After you add time for an earn code or revenue code, those hours show in bubbles in the applicable cells. Each bubble represents a code in the same order as shown in the Employee Allocation or Equipment Allocation section.
  7. To edit a cell entry, tap the cell, change your entry, and tap Apply:
    • To delete a cell entry, delete that entry or enter zero (0) hours.
    • Changes to a single cell replace the original entry.
    • Changes to multiple cells are added to existing entries rather than replacing them. For example, if you want to change two grid cells from 7 to 8 hours, enter 1 (not 8) for that code in the Employee Allocation or Equipment Allocation section.
  8. To bulk add or delete by row or column, tap the row or column header, choose Select Row or Select Column, change your entry, and tap Apply:
    • To bulk delete, enter zero (0) hours for each applicable earn code.
    • New bulk entries are added to existing entries in a cell rather than replacing them. For example, to bulk change a column from 7 to 8 hours, enter 1 (not 8) for that code in the Employee Allocation or Equipment Allocation section.
  9. Tap the name of the employee, piece of equipment, or phase to view additional options:
    • Remove Employee Time, Phase Time, or Equipment Usage: Remove the selected employee, phase, or equipment from your timecard for this day.
    • Select Row / Select Column: Selects all grid cells in the current row or column.
    • Add/Edit a Note: Allows you to add a note to a phase for the selected employee or equipment.
    • Edit Line Details (Employees only):
      • Allows you to modify the craft or class (if enabled), change the Payroll Department (if enabled), change the shift from the employee's default, or apply a shift code to all employees on a timecard. After you submit time, the Edit Line Details option is removed, allowing you to review but not edit an employee's craft, class, or shift for submitted time.
      • Allows you to set a shift for new employees added to a timecard.
    • Production Allocation (Phases only): Allows you to enter production per unit of measure per phase and view budget graphs to check progress on the current job and phase.
      • To update units, tap the number showing in the Units column for a selected phase and enter a new number. If the Units field is grayed out, your mobile app has not been configured to allow entry of production units.
      • To view budget graphs, tap the Budget Graphs option in the upper right of the Production Allocation page. See About Budget Graphs in Field Management Mobile for more information.
    • Clock Entry: Allows you to enter clock-in and clock-out times for the selected employee or bulk clock-in / clock-out times for multiple employees. Select Apply after you make your entries. To delete time, enter zero (0) hours in place of the time entry that you want to remove, and then select Apply. After you submit time, the Clock Entry option changes to View Clock Entries, allowing you to review but not edit submitted clock hours.
      Note: The Time Clock feature is optional and not required for timecard submission. If you do use this feature, all time must be allocated and all employees clocked out in order to submit time.
  10. Tap Daily Log in the sidebar to enter information about job site activities. When you submit the associated mobile time entries, Daily Log information is pushed to the web portal as part of the field ticket. For additional information, see Update the Daily Log in Field Management Mobile.
    • Description: Allows you to enter text describing the job activities that took place.

    • Weather: Allows you to enter weather information for the job site. On the Weather page, you can enter details manually, or, if a location has been set up for the job, you can select the Get Weather Data button to complete weather information fields automatically based on the job location.

    • Notes: Allows you to enter additional information about job site activities.

    • Attachments: Allows you to attach files or photos to a Daily Log entry, or preview existing attachments. A badge displays to the far right of the Attachments option to show the number of files currently attached to a Daily Log entry.

      Tip: To preview existing attachments, select the Attachments option in the Daily Log, and then select a file or photo from the Attachments page.
    To return to the time entry grid, select the Grid option in the sidebar.
  11. To enter time for a different date in the current pay period:
    1. Select the date at the top of the time entry page.
      The Timecard date change page opens.
    2. Select the date for your time entries.
      The system returns to the time entry page with the newly-selected date at the top.
    3. Enter time as needed.
  12. After you are finished entering time and are ready to send for approval or processing, select Submit in the upper right. For more details, see Submit Time on the Field Management Mobile App.