Approve a Field Ticket

After a user has submitted a Field Ticket, those assigned to the job in the JC Jobs or PM Projects will be able to approve the time from the Field Ticket Dashboard.

  1. Select Field Tools > Field Ticket Dashboard.
  2. Select the job in the Projects drop-down field. To narrow your search, you can modify the date range.
  3. To approve the ticket from the Field Ticket Dashboard, select Approve. To review ticket details before approving, select the date for the ticket on the dashboard.
  4. When reviewing ticket details, you can choose to Approve the ticket or Unsubmit to make changes.
    • If you are accessing Field Management from a mobile device or in a mobile view on a web browser, the Unsubmit Ticket, Approve Timecard, and View PDF options are available from the Action drop-down button in ticket details.

    • If you unsubmit a ticket, an email will be sent to the user who submitted the ticket letting them know that it was unsubmitted and you will need to re-submit the ticket with new signatures.
    Note: If you have enabled the portal setting Auto process field ticket if all associated timecards are approved, Field Tickets are approved automatically when all timecard lines associated with those Field Tickets have been approved (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Tickets > General Configuration).
  5. To print or delete a ticket from the dashboard, select the Actions drop-down button. Tickets can be deleted only if they are unsubmitted.
    Note: If material or production time was not processed correctly or was cleared, the approver will be able to select Reprocess Material or Reprocess Production from the Actions drop-down.
After a field ticket is approved:
  • Job Time and Equipment usage are saved to the Field Ticket and the PR Timecard Entry batch.
  • Progress Entry and Material Usage entered in the Field Ticket are processed in a batch.
  • The Field Ticket PDF is attached to the JC Field Ticket table in Vista. For more information on the integration, see Field Tickets Integration with Vista.