Create a PO on the Purchasing Agent Dashboard

After a user has created a PO Requisition, the Purchasing Agent can review the Requisitions and create Purchase Orders from the Purchasing Agent Dashboard.

You must enable ​Process Requisitions to create Pending Purchase Orders​ in portal settings, to see the requisition number when reviewing a pending PO.

  1. Select Financial Controls or Field Tools > Purchasing > Purchasing Agent.
    The main grid shows all PO Requisitions that have been submitted.
  2. To modify the PO Requisition, select the line to access the edit mode. After you have finished your modifications, select Save.
  3. To Create a PO, select the small boxes to the left of each PO Requisition you would like to include, then select Create Purchase Order. You will be able to choose your supplier, job and shipping address and modify the Unit Cost.
  4. When you are finished, select Create PO. You will be able to see the PO on the PO Dashboard > Processed Purchase Orders.