PO Requisition Configuration

The PO Requisition feature allows users to create a PO Requisition and a Purchasing Agent to either create the PO or reject the PO.

You will need to be a System Admin in the portal in order to complete this configuration.
  1. If you have not already, follow the configuration steps found in Purchase Order Configuration.
    Note: If you do not plan to allow users to create full POs you do not need to assign those permissions.
  2. Select Admin > Employee Groups. Create an employee group with the employees to be assigned as Purchasing Agents. If you are not familiar with this feature see Create Employee Groups .
  3. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration. In the portal setting Employee Group for PO Admin / Purchasing Dashboard access click on the drop-down to search and select the employee group you have created. Users with this permission will have access to the Purchasing Agent Dashboard (Financial Controls > Purchasing Agent) will be able to see all POs.
  4. Select Admin > User Access and filter to PO. For each user who will be creating PO Requisitions and all Purchasing agents, select the License Type of Field Management or Financial Controls to ensure your counts are added correctly.
    Note: The Purchasing Agent does not need to have PO Requisition or any other PO permissions on this page to access the Purchasing Agent Dashboard, however their License Type assignment on this page will determine if their permissions are for Field Management or Financial Controls.
  5. On the User Access page, check the box under the PO Requisition column for all users who will need to submit PO Requisitions.
    Note: PO requisitions created in the portal are not saved to Vista until they are submitted and turned into purchase orders.