PO Pending Configuration

The PO Pending feature allows users to submit POs to be reviewed and approved before being processed.

  1. Before you can begin using PO Pending in the portal you will need to have configured Vista’s WF Workflow Process. This feature strictly follows the purchase order approval workflow as it is set up in Vista.
  2. Review and confirm that each VA User in Vista has the Payroll Company and Employee number are filled in and only associated with a single VA User Profile.
  3. If you would like users to be able to modify the GL Accounts in Pending PO for jobs or equipment, enable the following settings in Vista:
    • For jobs, select Job Cost > Programs > JC Company Parameters > GL Cost, and then select the check box for Allow GL Account Override when posting costs.
    • For equipment, select Equipment > Programs > EM Company Parameters > Info tab, and then select the check box for Allow GL Account Override.
  4. If you would like your purchase orders to auto close on Final Invoice, check to make sure this is enabled on the PO Company parameters > Info tab. This is only available in Vista versions 6.18 and above. If this is enabled, users will be able to select Prevent Auto Close on the PO Pending header.
  5. If you have not already, follow the configuration steps found in Purchase Order Configuration.
  6. Select Admin > User Access, and filter to Purchase Orders. For each user who will be creating POs, select the License Type of Field Management or Financial Controls to ensure your counts are added correctly.
  7. Continuing on the User Access page, assign both those who will be submitting and those who will be approving to the Pending PO assignment. Both will have the PO Dashboard added to their Financial Controls and Field Tools navigation bar drop-downs.
  8. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration. To allow PO users to see requisitions and reserved POs submitted by all users, select Allow all users to see all reserved PO and requisitions.
  9. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Pending. To assign employees to approve but not create Pending POs, select Users only allowed to approve Pending PO. To allow these users to create Pending POs, assign them access to the Pending PO/SL module on the User Access page (Module Bundle > Purchse Orders).
  10. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Pending:
    1. Pending purchase orders are auto-processed after the final reviewer approves the PO. To restrict pending POs from being auto-processed by non-admins, enable the portal setting Restrict Pending PO Processing to PO Admins.
    2. Review the remaining settings. These settings are not required but may contain options that you want to modify.